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Who Am I?

Core Beliefs


I have deep roots dedicated to my religion of following Christ & my belief in Christian values.


I am a nationalist & believe America is the greatest country given to this world by God. God Bless America!


Since I was a young boy I have loved gaming in every aspect. Though many have moved on I have stayed!

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Greetings, Hello, & Welcome!

My name is Micah but you can call me Turbo123. This gallery has a large portion of my work so of course it's my portfolio but I also use it as a way to provide information to help people and then there are the chats and just abnormal things I record myself/friends doing. though it has also at times been used to give my opinions which generally are hated by the masses though I don't care and I encourage everyone to sign one of my books to the left and give me your love or hate. I get off to it!

History of Gaming &
Game Guys Productions

I was born and currently live in Florida. I started gaming when I was just a wee babeh on the Sega Genesis and various other consoles back in the early 90's. Being the "80's" kid that I am I took it upon myself to venture into these new lands with my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, & Friends. Braving Donkey Kong, daring Mario, evolving Pokémon! I spent as much time as humanly possible playing video games. (nothing has changed)

[fast foward to 1999] Now is the time where I start playing on the family computer! YEAH! I started slow, simple Pogo and Yahoo games, but... On my Birthday I am given a gift by an old lady (DUN DUN DUN) She is a resident in the apartments my Mom manages, it so happens to be a cracked copy of Quake 3 Arena (Apparently Her Son gave Her tons of CD's with cracked game copies. Still to this day not sure why)

(now onto my career of choice)

About a year later I got very fascinated with forum signatures/avatars, so I started making them. Who knew my love for art would take me on a ride like none other! I learned various forms of Programming, Graphics Design, Video Editing, Music Producing, Web Design and when I was 14 I started my first company with a friend. Now I won't mention the name of either him or the company as it's a sore subject for me... But it was a company that gave free Web Hosting to a lot of people. Within that year I met a lot of people, & that "friend" stabbed me in the back. But I got up quick and that week I started Game Guys Hosting! Which was my first true company. At 15 Game Guys Hosting was formed. After 2 years of amazing free/paid hosting I got extremely tired (lazy i mean of course) and decided I had done enough. With notices well in advance all of my clients had been told we were shutting down.

(continue to the sister sites)

During that time I also started Game Guys Radio (online radio), Game Guys Gaming (gaming community with servers & voip services), & Game Guys Media (graphics community) When I got tired of owning all of those domains and building separate websites on them I went to my Mother and asked how I could form them all into a single identity. She gave me Game Guys Productions! & that domain has been the central hub of everything Game Guys since then.

(an ending note)

I was blessed at a young age to have the knowledge to work on the projects I've worked/work on. From the age of 12 I pushed myself further and further into the work I currently do. Without the companies and the people I met and worked for/with I would not be where I am today. For any of my past students and those who are current/to come. I hope my knowledge serves you well, and that you can take my knowledge and let it grow. God Bless!

Just remember if you put your mind to it, you can do ANYTHING you want. #realtalk #swagfag #hashtag #icallitapoundsign